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Portrait Painting From A Photo

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Portrait painting is now an amazing and gratifying process. What begins as a favorite photograph swiftly becomes a cherished oil portrait to be passed down through the generations. Portrait painting is now an enjoyable process for both the portrait artist and the subject. The portrait artist is presented with a picture, which he or she will then view and create a beautiful oil painting.

Traditional portrait painting consisted of an extensive long drawn out process that may have acquired months and required hours of uncomfortable sittings that stressed both the artist and the subject. Today hand painting and creating an oil painting from a photo, relieves the burden, reducing the time constraints on the subject and allowing the portrait artist to work in peace at the privacy of their own studio. With the creation of the photograph, portrait paintings took a back seat to the term portrait. What used to be the only method of capturing an image, quickly lost it’s popularity due to time constraints and costs.

Wedding Portrait Painting

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

A talented portrait artist from will turn a beautiful picture from your wedding into a beautiful hand painted oil painting. Each painting is 100% hand done and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Have a wedding picture turned into a painting. A portrait artist will turn a photo into a painting – it’s 100% hand-painted and portrait artist guarantee you’ll be satisfied or you don’t pay a dime. Custom wedding portrait painting produced from a photograph. Each wedding painting is produced by a talented oil painting artist and satisfaction guarantee.

Weddings create memories that should never be forgotten. Today it’s common practice to stuff wedding albums away in a closet, and only pull them out on rare occassions.

Why let your memories fade as your photographs become dusty? Turn your most precious day into a stunning oil painting.

All of wedding portrait painting stunning wedding portraits are hand painted by an experienced artist. Wedding portraits will turn a memorable photo into an unforgettable hand painted portrait. Every time you walk by the painting, you’ll smile and remember that special day.