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Giclee Printing

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Giclee is considered to be a superior form of fine art printing and is better than any other forms of inkjet printing. In French the term giclee stands for “a spray of liquid”, which is the technique used in giclee. In giclee modern inkjet printers eject ink onto paper in a continuous motion and can also use around 8-9 colors as opposed to 3-4 colors that is used in lithography. Giclee fine art print is a common form for reproducing artists work to digitally archive them.

In modern art, giclee prints are seen as a boon since it is an affordable way of printing their work for sale. Earlier they had to pre-print and mass produce multiple copies without knowing if they would be sold. Now with the advent of giclee art reproductions happening, artists are able to print only when an order is placed and thus cut down on expenses. The archival value of some of these paintings is immense and yet the artists do not have to worry about preserving the quality of their paintings or about its safety.

The other advantages of giclee include the fact that it allows reproduction of the images on any type of media such as canvas, watercolor paper, and others. The images can also be reproduced to any size that is required and often, depending on the picture resolution, life size images can also be printed. While earlier an original artwork of the artist was sold for millions, now the artist has an option to digitally recreate his work and sell it many more art enthusiasts. Since the cost of production involved is low, the cost of these prints is low as well, thus enabling a wider audience to purchase them. The other benefit of digital prints is that they can be recreated in various ways like matted look, small photo prints, postcards or any other way as the artist might choose to print it.

If you are looking for giclee prints, but you don’t know where to buy. Visit to find out high quality giclee prints at wholesales prices. Their giclee prints are made using pigmented inks which are much more stable and fade resistant than dye inks. A giclee using pigmented inks should not fade for a minimum of eighty years! The giclees that they produce are sold by artists as well as fine art museums. Picture Salon provides an affordable and convenient way to produce fine art, digital inkjet prints of your work — no matter where you live. Their services levels and their attention to detail set them apart from the rest.

Art Supplies Online

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

If you are a person who spends a lot of time creating art, then you probably realize the importance of using the right art supplies for your projects. You should know the best places to visit to shop for the tools of your trade. The market, nowadays, provides you with everything you need when it comes to art supplies. But if you?re just too busy to go out and buy your supplies, there are many products available on the Internet.

Buying art supplies online can save you the trouble of having to go out shopping. Basically, art supplies online are online shops that offer different art materials, from paint brushes and technical pens to sketch pads and drafting chairs. You can browse online catalogues that feature a wide range of products. Today, everything that has to do with your craft is just a few clicks away.